Design and manufacture of moulds for PVC rotational moulding

We manufacture moulds for the production of any PVC object by rotational system.

Specialists in spiders and moulds for PVC balls

The product in which our company has specialized for more than 30 years is the production of moulds and all the necessary tools to manufacture PVC balls.

It is this product that gives us a prestidged name in the international market, being our company the supplier of moulds, spiders, reinflatable rubber valves, etc., of the best and bigger PVC ball manufacturers.

Especialistas en el diseño y fabricación de coronas y moldes de duraluminio y aluminio fundido.
Torno CNC

Quality guaranteed by the loyalty of our customers

We have customers in the 5 continents and the most important, we maintain these clients for life due to the fact that our quality is the best on the market.

We utilise the best materials for each use (moulds, spiders, tightening screws, …) and our machines are capable of giving our work great precision.

To this we must add the lengthy experience of our workers, and the result is that our product has no competition in the market due to our quality and competitive prices.

Moulds for nautical items and technical objects

In addition to PVC balls, we also manufacture moulds for maritime items (nautical and fishing) and for technical objects (pharmaceutical items, leisure items, etc.).

Explore our range of products

Duralumin spiders

Our star product, along with the moulds that are mounted on these spiders (also called “plateaux” or “plates”).

Reinflatable valves

We developed the reinflatable valve more than 15 years ago, and since then, we have successfully sold millions of valves.


Aluminum moulds for balls of all sports disciplines, with different engravings, different lines, and a wide variety of diameters.

Maritime products

We are the mould supplier of one of the best global manufacturers of fishing and nautical items.