Duralumin spiders for rotomoulding

Our star product, along with the moulds that are mounted on these spiders
(also called “plateaux” or “plates”).

Especialistas en el diseño y fabricación de coronas de duraluminio

Spider design and manufacturing process

Oven model and capacity

Depending on the oven model of each ball manufacturer (which dictates its capacity and other data to take into account), we carry out a prior study to determine the maximum number of moulds to place in each spider. This information depends on the capacity of the oven, as well as the diameter of the mould to be used.

Spider design according to the number of moulds

With these parameters, our client decides the optimal number of moulds for him, and from there, we design the spider (number of moulds, number of tightening screws, weight, maximum diameter, height, etc.), we do the 3D simulation, and we move on to manufacturing due to our Tebis CAD-CAM software.

Manufacturing and quality assurance of a spider

The precision that our CNC machines give us is total, and we guarantee each client the perfect work of these spiders for a long time, without the possibility of breakage and with minimal deformations due to temperature over time.

Material used to produce the spider

The material used for several years has been DURALUMINIUM in solid plate, an alloy designed and studied for this hard work, which has the best technical and mechanical characteristics for the work to be done.

Especialistas en el diseño y fabricación de coronas de duraluminio
Tornillería diseñada y fabricada íntegramente en los tornos de CNC de PROMOSAL.

Screws designed and manufactured

The screws used in the spiders are not commercial, but made ENTIRELY on PROMOSAL CNC lathes.

Made of special steels studied for this use. These are steels designed for us, and with different heat treatments that give them a very long life as long as they are properly maintained (lubrication every 4 hours of work).


Why is it better to use duraluminum instead of steel or iron?

The difference between spiders made of duraluminium and spiders made of steel or iron is enormous, since:

For all these reasons, the main and bigger global ball manufacturers use our duraluminium spiders.