We have high-precision machinery and great capacity to carry out any kind of machining.

Team and experience

Our staff has great experience and skill in the preparation of machines, and this, together with the great precision and quality of our machinery, means that we are capable of carrying out any machining.

Our career path of more than 35 years supports us, having worked for highly prestigious engineering companies.

PROMOSAL has also carried out work for automobile companies, household appliances, shipyards, ornaments, toys,…



At PROMOSAL we utilise modern and versatile precision machinery to offer our customers a quality product.


The machinery used by us is very modern and versatile.

CNC lathes as well as CNC milling machines give us enormous precision in all our work, which, together with the experience of our workers, makes us world leaders in the manufacture of ball molds and tools using a rotational system.



We also have a control quality section, where all products are verified before leaving our factory.

PROMOSAL guarantees all products produced, and we are qualified to advise and advise our clients.