Aluminium and duraluminium moulds for balls

For balls of all sports disciplines, with different engravings, different lines, and a wide variety of diameters.

Smooth ball moulds


The smooth ball mould is always made of the best quality DURALUMINIUM.

Ball moulds with engravings

The ball moulds with engravings are made of molten aluminium, also, in an alloy that we are completely sure works perfectly, given that we have been using it for many years.

Balones de Baloncesto fabricados con los moldes diseñados y fabricados por PROMOSAL.

Smelting of the moulds

The smelting models are made by PROMOSAL, and then, the smelting is carried out by a specialized company that collaborates with us.


Pelotón para gimnasia rítmica.

Special and exclusive moulds


Although we have many molten models of all sports disciplines (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.), we also make special models for clients who want to have an exclusive model.

PROMOSAL designs and makes new ball projects according to the client’s taste, exclusively.

Moulds with smooth area for printing

Any ball mould can have a smooth polished area to place advertising, electroesthatic film, as well as for barcodes, …

In the area decided by the client.

Molde de pelota con grabado con zona pulida para publicidad o marca.