Reinflatable valves for PVC balls

We developed the reinflatable valve more than 15 years ago, and since then, we have successfully sold millions of valves.

Reinflatable valves for PVC balls


Furthermore, it is an ESSENTIAL element in the PVC ball, since if the valve does not do its job correctly, the ball deflates and is invalid, so despite being a small element in the PVC ball, it is VERY IMPORTANT .

Balón de Volley fabricado con los moldes diseñados y fabricados por PROMOSAL.

Manufacturing of reinflatable valves


We are aware of the importance of this element within the PVC ball, and for this reason, we carry out exhaustive quality controls in our production of reinflatable valves, both of the raw material composed of a very high percentage of natural rubber, as well as the punching and cutting dies, true architects of the correct punching of the valve that allows the ball to be inflated and deflated as many times as desired.

Advantages of using our reinflatable valve

The usefulness of the reinflatable valve is enormous:

Especialistas en el diseño y fabricación de moldes para la producción de válvulas reinflables para pelotas y balones de PVC.

Design of reinflatable valves


Currently all the great global ball manufacturers use our reinflatable valve.

We have 5 different models, which differ in size. Furthermore, each model can be made in any color.

There is no minimum order quantity.