Moulds for polyethylene rotational moulding

More than 30 years producing molds for polyethylene objects manufactured by a rotational system.
We know perfectly the problems of this type of manufacturing (gases, critical areas,...) and we design the moulds solving all these problems.

Molde rotomoldeo para la producción de productos mediante sistema rotacional.

The best materials, tools and software


We can manufacture the smelting moulds, designing the models ourselves, or starting from billet material (duraluminium).

The large capacity of our machines (1,300 x 3,000 x 1,100 mm) allows us to make large-sized molds with great precision.

This, added to our Tebis CAD-CAM software, gives us enormous versatility in any type of shapes, sizes, etc., no matter how complicated they may be.

Mold design for technical objects

We also make moulds for technical objects (with different threads, recesses, etc., such as fuel tanks), approved lifebuoys, etc.

Salvavidas homologado de polietileno fabricado con nuestro diseño de molde.
Diseño de silla esférica patentada de Promosal

Mould design for ornamental objects

Also for ornamental objects such as lamps, streetlights, etc., as well as chairs (PROMOSAL has patented the spherical chair in the photo) and tables.

Design of moulds of all types of shapes and sizes

In addition, we manufacture molds for road cones, small (20 litres) and large size fuel tanks (100, 200 litres, etc.).

Conos de carretera de polietileno fabricado con nuestro diseño de molde.