Smooth and polished balls

PROMOSAL designs and manufactures duraluminium moulds for the manufacture of smooth and polished balls, perfect for 360º Pad Printing.

Moldes de duraluminio para fabricar Pelota lisa.

Duraluminium alloy

The duraluminium alloy that PROMOSAL uses in its moulds has been carefully chosen and studied among all the existing duraluminium alloys, and our experience tells us that there is no better one for manufacturing moulds.

Likewise, the material used in the PIN or needle of the mould has also been studied and, due to the characteristics of this material, it is achieved that it accumulates a large amount of heat, and therefore PVC, in that area. This is very important, since the reinflatable valve or plastic cap that is placed on the ball will be perfectly tied to the PVC of the mould, and it will not be necessary to place a small PVC reinforcement tube, with the consequent savings in material and labor working.

Duraluminium machining

The duraluminium is machined on high-precision CNC lathes, and polished on an automatic machine, which means we have very small tolerances (around 0.01 mm).

Pelotas lisas fabricadas con los moldes diseñados y fabricados por PROMOSAL.

Available diameters

From 20 mm to 400 mm on our CNC lathes.

From 400 mm to 1,000 mm on our CNC milling machines.

Perfect for pad printing


The ball made with these moulds is perfect for 360º PAD PRINTING, since it has a completely smooth and shiny surface, and the seam or closure of the ball is practically imperceptible.

The best and bigger global manufacturers of 360º pad printed balls are our clients.

Especialistas en el diseño y fabricación de coronas de duraluminio

Advantages of nickel plating moulds:

  • Gives hardness to the mould

    Which extends the useful life of the mould and the closing edge.

  • Makes mold cleaning easier

    And it lengthens cleaning cycles since it prevents the deposition of PVC.

  • The manufactured ball comes out brighter

  • It has great thermal conductivity

    Which shortens manufacturing cycles with consequent energy savings.

  • It withstands the corrosion generated by PVC very well

  • Withstands high temperatures (up to 400º)

    And work cycles at 300º 24 hours a day.